What should you expect when you visit Christ Our Hope? A warm welcome, a reverent worship, and a biblical honesty. Christ Our Hope is a friendly congregation – we welcome visitors without putting you “on the spot.” Our worship is reverent and Christ-centered. We take worship seriously. We are meeting with our holy and merciful God – as sinners in need of His forgiveness, beggars in need of the Bread of Life. You will also hear a biblical honesty. We will talk frankly about sin – not self-righteously, as if sin were a problem out there “in the world.” No, we know that sin is an on-going problem in our own lives. We are sinners. We need God’s forgiveness. And so we also talk honestly about the Gospel, that Jesus Christ – crucified for our sins and raised from the dead – is our only hope. It is in Him alone that we find forgiveness of sin and life eternal. And so you are warmly invited to visit us, to worship and celebrate with us as forgiven sinners – who rejoice together in the sure hope of the Gospel.