We are part of a denomination called the Presbyterian Church in America. Our aim is to be a church that is faithful to the Scriptures, true to the reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission. What exactly does this mean?

By faithful to the Scriptures, we mean a church that believes and proclaims the Bible as the word of God. From its very beginning, to its very end, the Bible tells a grand and true story about God's love for His people, and His amazing plan to rescue and restore us from sin, misery, and death. This is the message of the good news of God's love to us in Jesus Christ -- a message that connects us to a living, unbreakable hope.

By true to the reformed faith, we mean a church that is historically rooted in the Protestant reformation (and beyond). We are a new church, but we recognize that we are connected to those faithful who have gone before us and have much to gain from their wisdom.

By obedient to the Great Commission, we mean a church that lovingly tells others the good news about what God has done through Jesus, shows the gospel in service to the community, and teaches what it means to believe and follow Jesus in every area of life.